How to Join an Online Casino in New Zealand

New Zealanders who like to gamble online often choose to do so at casinos. They have some of the best deals and best features, making them a great resource for anyone who wants to get ahead in the casino world. But what are the best ways to start? Here are some tips to help you get started with your new New Zealand casino account.

Join a casino online that has the best deals.

The first step is to sign up with the best online casino. You’ll have the best chance of winning money if you join an online casino with the best deals. And because casinos usually charge for membership, you’ll always have access to the newest and best features and deals.

The best thing to do would be to look at each site’s terms and conditions to see how much you’ll need to spend to get any new customer deals.
A safe and secure place

When you join an online casino, one of the most important things you need to do is make sure your account is safe. This means picking a trusted and safe site, filling out all the necessary information, and signing up for a real account. You don’t want to start playing at your new casino and find problems waiting for you.

Don’t let other people take your money or your prizes

One of the best ways to win at a casino in New Zealand is to keep an eye on the other players and know where you stand in comparison to them. Millions of people in New Zealand love to play online casino games. If no one is watching your back, you could lose everything or win a lot of money.

But you shouldn’t worry too much because modern technology makes it easier than ever to protect yourself from theft and scams. When you sign up for an account, your information, such as your name, address, phone number, email address, and so on, is stored in a database where it is strictly private.

Great customer care

When you join an online casino in New Zealand, customer service is one of the most important things to keep in mind. This means being able to answer any questions your customers have and making sure they are happy with their experience. Also, it’s important to deal with any problems or complaints that your customers may have.

If you do this, you’ll get to know your customers well and make them loyal to you for a long time. In turn, this will make sure that people keep coming to your website, which gives you more chances to make more money.

It takes time and works to find the best online casino. It can feel like there are too many sites with deals that are too good to be true. But it’s not hard to find the right gambling site with good customer service.

Gamble responsibly

Responsible gambling is one of the most important things you can do in a casino. Gambling can be risky, and it’s important to remember that if you don’t take care of your bets, you could lose everything you have in your account. Make sure you do your research before you play, and only play at casinos that are safe and have strict rules against gambling with real money.

You know exactly what you’re betting on when you play at a safe casino. Don’t bet more than you can afford to lose, no matter how tempting it might be. If you spend too much or go into debt when you gamble, stop right away and don’t play again until you pay off your debts and save enough money so you never have to gamble again.

Find the right casino for you

When you want to join an online casino in New Zealand, it’s important to choose a reputable one. So, you’ll know that your money is safe and that you’re getting the best deal possible. The best casinos in New Zealand look to help them make this choice.

This is a good idea because some of the best sites for gambling offer special discount codes to people who visit their casinos through social media. You should use these promotional codes because they often come with extra bonuses, free spins, and bigger prizes.


If you want to play at a new and interesting casino, you should start by looking for online casinos that pay out quickly. You can start making money fast and make a lot of it this way. Also, you should be careful with how you gamble if you want to keep making money. Responsible gamblers will also enjoy the casino because there are so many games to choose from. If you use the advice above, you should be able to find a casino that will help you get better.

The Most Popular Table Games in New Zealand Casinos

Casino table games are extremely well-liked in New Zealand. There are a wide variety of casino games available, from blackjack and roulette to poker and baccarat. In this article, we’ll have a close look at three of the most-played casino table games in New Zealand: blackjack, roulette, and baccarat. Additionally, we provide you with the most effective strategies for winning.


When it comes to table games, blackjack is the king in casinos. Make it a goal to have a hand worth exactly twenty-one points. Over that, you’ve already lost. If your hand worth is less than the dealer’s, you must have a greater total.

In response to blackjack’s persistent appeal, several variations have been developed. This popular game is available in a variety of formats, making it simple to jump right in and start playing at any number of online casinos. If your hand totals 21, the payout is at least equal to your stake, although some casinos offer higher payouts.


The timeless appeal of roulette as a casino staple is clear. The dealer drops the ball onto a turning wheel and let’s go. Predicting where a ball will land on a board is the name of the game. Pick whatever you like: a certain digit, a specific shade of colour, or even whether the final tally will be even or odd.

You may increase your odds by trying out other combinations, such as red and even. The game may be played in a variety of different ways, some of which include the Fibonacci sequence, the Martingale method, and many more. In my opinion, the Martingale method is the simplest and should be mastered first by anyone new to roulette.


Playing cards allow for a maximum hand value of 9, hence the winner is the player with the hand value closest to 9. Your bets can be made on either the banker or the player. Your initial wager will be doubled if you bet on the player’s hand, and you’ll get back 95% of your stake if you bet on the banker.

In the context of gaming, the latter is referred to as “the house advantage.” It’s possible to increase your winning odds in craps the same way you do in blackjack. Examples of such tables include those that provide a “tie bet.” Anyone who has played baccarat before knows that a tie is practically impossible to achieve. This is a place you should avoid at all costs.

Three Card Poker

In Three Card Poker, the final result of each hand depends only on the player’s decisions. You must make an Ante wager before the dealer gives out the first three cards. Having received the cards, you still have the option of playing further, folding, matching the Ante bet, or giving up the Ante bet altogether.

Win the payout and ante bets if your hand ranks higher than the dealers. However, if the dealer has a superior hand, just the Ante bet will win. If a player wins, they will recover most or all of their initial wager. Three-Card Poker has simple rules that anybody can pick up and put you in control of the outcome. For those who have used up all their good fortune, that is wonderful news indeed.

Let’s play some Texas Hold Em!

Texas Hold ’em is, unsurprisingly, the most popular casino game in New Zealand. The only downside is that you have to be there in person to take part. Each player in a game will typically get two cards from the dealer. As a player, your objective should be to obtain the greatest hand possible. There will be two cards dealt to each player, plus five “community” cards that everyone can use. Players may “maximise,” “fold,” “check,” or “call” their bets after each round.

The terms “check” and “fold” refer, respectively, to the actions of not increasing the stake and dropping out of the hand because of poor cards. After a round ends, the remaining players have to reveal their hands. The winner is determined by the player with the greatest overall value of their hand.

In Texas Hold’em, there are no “bankers.” Everyone else on the field is friendly competition. It’s well known that Texas Hold ’em Poker is a challenging game to learn and master. Knowing the odds of producing a winning hand isn’t enough; you’ll also need to do some serious mind-reading. To tell if they have a decent hand or are bluffing, you’ll need to study their facial expressions and body language as well.

The game of Texas Holds ’em Poker is the most exciting and challenging poker variant to master. Teaching can be provided by either a computer or a real person. You may choose from several different variants of games played against a dealer at online casinos.


All of these games are available at any casino in New Zealand, whether it’s online or physical. There are a few exceptions to the simple rules, and there are ways to improve your chances. Know that you can only bet up to a certain amount of money. Choose a game with low stakes to practise on so you can get better at it before moving on to harder games.

How to Choose an Online Casino in New Zealand

New Zealand’s online casino business has been around for a while, therefore the country is home to several great places to gamble online and win real cash. When you factor in the country’s lax laws, New Zealanders have a great shot at making the most of the many online casinos out there. Given the wide variety of online casinos, choosing the ideal one to play at might be a challenge. So, to choose the best online casinos, you should keep in mind the following.

Check the reviews

If you want to know whether or not it’s a good idea to join an online casino, reading up on how others’ experiences there have been being crucial. Online casino reviews written by experts are plentiful in New Zealand. If you find that every review of a specific online casino is negative, you should probably steer clear of playing there.

You may also get information about the benefits and drawbacks of these casinos, as well as player reviews, on the individual websites of these casinos. The benefits of joining an online casino should always exceed the potential drawbacks.

There is, however, a caveat to any discussion of the reviews. In their disappointment at not being able to win at a particular online casino, some players may write unfavourable evaluations. Players who were considering joining a reputable online casino can be misled by such claims. That’s why you must read a good number of reviews before making a choice, so you can separate genuine testimonials from the ones written by losers who just want to see someone else fail.

Selection and variety in gaming

You should check out the available games and the casino’s overall assortment before signing up. Several New Zealanders now choose to gamble online, and they have a wide selection of options at the many New Zealand-based casinos. Joining a club with a wide variety of games is usually a good idea.

It’s also vital to remember that some online casinos may provide games that are disproportionately popular or underrepresented. An internet casino, for instance, can offer hundreds of different slot machines but only a handful of different table games. You should think about this, and if you have a favourite game in mind, look for a site that offers a wide selection of that genre.

Most New Zealand online casinos have the strategy of “something special for every player,” which is a big plus. This implies that the games provided by various online casinos cater to the preferences of all their customers.

Rewards in the form of bonuses

New players to any of New Zealand’s online casinos may claim a generous welcome bonus, while regulars can take advantage of special rewards and perks. The significance of these benefits cannot be overstated. Reasons for this include their role as an enticement to draw in new customers and the fact that they improve players’ odds of winning real cash prizes. In this way, gamers are given a leg up on their casino gaming adventures.

Checking all the available bonuses and promos is a requirement before signing up with any New Zealand online casino. Although some of your competitors may provide a better overall price, you should always aim for the highest quality option available.

Methods of withdrawing and depositing

If you’re from New Zealand and you’re looking for an online casino, you should keep an eye on the banking methods accepted by the site. The majority of online casinos also provide a wide variety of deposit and withdrawal methods, making it convenient for players to fund their casino accounts.

Limits are typically placed on the amount of money that may be deposited or withdrawn, so keeping that in mind is crucial. If you’re planning on making a sizable deposit, you should verify the daily maximum allowed before proceeding to avoid disappointment.

Providing Support to Customers

It’s crucial that any New Zealand online casino you play at has a reliable customer support system that responds quickly to your inquiries and addresses your concerns. This is mostly because the backbone of every online casino is its customer care department.

It helps the gamers feel like they are part of a community that is there to help them anytime they need it during gameplay. By reading testimonials, you may learn how fast and helpful an online casino’s support team is. You should sign up with an online casino known for its stellar support services.

The Best Games to Play at an Online Casino

The Best Games to Play at an Online Casino

When it comes to online casinos, there are a lot of different games that you can choose from. This can be both good and bad, as it gives you a lot of options but can also make it difficult to know which game to pick. If you’re looking for some guidance on the best games to play at an online casino, then this blog post is for you.

There are a lot of different games to choose

Choosing the right game to play at an online casino can be a tough decision. There are a lot of different games to choose from, and each one has its pros and cons. It’s important to pick a game that you’re comfortable with and that you have a good chance of winning. Here are some of the best games to play at an online casino:

1) Blackjack: One of the most popular casino games around, and for good reason. It’s simple to learn but offers plenty of strategic depth.

2) Video Poker: Like Blackjack, Video Poker is one of the most popular casino games around, and for good reason. It’s one of the cheapest casino games to play, you’re always playing against a pay table, and the odds of winning are higher than a lot of other casino games.

3) Roulette: If you’re after a game with a little more action than Blackjack, try Roulette. It’s more complex than Blackjack, but the payout odds are much better.

4) Craps: This is a fun game to watch (even if you don’t play), but if you’re not sure how to play Craps, don’t worry. It’s easy to understand and usually, you’ll have someone around to teach you.

5) Baccarat: A classic for the high-rollers. Simple enough for just about anyone to play, but with the bonus of some very substantial jackpots.

6) Keno: This is one of the few casino games with a house edge of less than one per cent.

How to choose the right game

This can be both good and bad, as it gives you a lot of options but can also make it difficult to know which game to pick. However, some games tend to be more popular than others at online casinos.

These include slots, blackjack, roulette, and poker. Each of these games offers different benefits and drawbacks, so you’ll need to decide which ones are right for you based on your preferences.

It’s also important to note that the rules for each of these games can vary from one online casino to another, so you’ll need to do your research before you start playing.

This is one of the most popular games available at most online casinos. There are several different slot machines available and it’s easy to see why. While the rules for slots are easy to learn, there’s plenty of room for strategy.

One of the most important aspects of online casino play is that you can do it on your own time. Because you probably can’t spend all day at your local casino, the fact that you can play when you like makes online casinos even better.

In addition, you can play whenever you want and in the comfort of your own home. There’s no need to worry about dress codes or table limits when you’re playing online.

How to Select Deposit and Withdrawal Options

Ensure you have a wide range of deposit and withdrawal methods to select from. The more options you provide, the more likely individuals are to use your platform. If your platform simply provides one or two possibilities, users will feel deprived of choice and will be less likely to use it. If you ever find yourself in a mess, learn about the casino’s many deposit and withdrawal alternatives.

When you click away, let’s address the major question: where can I discover the best casino? To discover a reputable online casino, you must first conduct research to determine the best places and offerings. Consider the selection factors as well. For example, a well-designed experience means no outdated layouts or exorbitant signup costs. Customer service is another crucial feature. When it comes to online casinos, you need to discover simple, efficient, and helpful personnel to attract and retain your customers’ interest. When you conduct thorough research on online casinos, you may come across reviews that may influence your selection.

Which are the Tips to Consider in Playing Online Slots

Reeling the wheel is a fantastic game to play. The game’s instructions are also easy to follow but what matters most is the betting results. If you lose your cash in betting you become heartbroken. Therefore you have to act strategically in claiming the bonus, combos, or jackpot.

Whether JackpotCity, Spin Casino, Dream City, Betway, or others, you have to identify the best slots. Consulting your fellow gamers to choose the best casino is not enough because they may misguide you. However, carrying out proper research and reading articles like this will guide you to choose the best slots.

What Are These Tips To Consider?

Consider the game’s software developer

Before choosing the betting site, you should deliberate who the architect of their program is. Therefore choose those renowned developers with quality software. IGaming, Microgaming, NetEnt, IGT, and Playtech are some of the famous developers.

Some of the companies provide a game with standard software. The graphics, soundtracks, gameplay, and visuals are an example of a quality program. Some developers have even developed 3D visuals and graphics in the game. That instigates a real-life playing experience, and your entertainment is prioritized.

Choose games with free spins

These free spins are like playing demos. Many online casinos provide free spins as a welcome package to newbies. Generous free spins should have no deposits but count to your winnings. Even if the casinos require cash, the amount should be less.

You can also gain a playing experience through the free spins. Still, you can adopt an equitable strategy with this offer. Do not fear spinning the wheel with this incentive because it costs you nothing. Therefore engage veteran bettors or research to know how particular casinos offer free spins.

There are those spins that come with a playthrough wagering limit. That means you have to win something or stake a certain amount to obtain them. Although they are resourceful to veterans as they have a higher turnover of 100x, they are unworthy to amateurs. Therefore embrace your low turnover spins, which also promise winnings probability.

Find a sustainable wagering playthrough limit

The term can also mean a low bonus turnover. Some casinos offer this offer when you deposit your first coin. You should learn the turnover instructions to meet in claiming the bonuses or the free spins.

This turnover requirement means you have to stake a deposit that weighs a multiplier simulation of bonuses offered. For ten times (10x) multiplier with a bonus of $100, you must risk a $1000 to get the deposit. Some multipliers may be higher than a hundred times. For that case, look for casinos with low turnover or playthrough limits in obtaining the bonus.

Reflect on the bonus win limits

Even though you meet the wagering limit, understand the much you can win from the bonus. Sometimes you can win a lot of cash that surpasses the bonus limit. Hence you are unable to claim the remaining balance.

For example, if the bonus size is $300 and you waged a turnover and got $500. Hence, you cannot withdraw the full $500 where $300 will be your withdrawal money. The outstanding balance of $ 200 may be lost or pushed for another bet.

Understand the pay lines in the game

Paylines are the combination of matching symbols that appear in a specific order. Initially, the payline was horizontally based, however, it has upgraded to other symbol lines. These pay line symbols include a horizontal shape, diagonal, vertical, zigzag, trapezium, or other shapes. They are also known as the win lines or bet lines.

When choosing a game with numerous pay lines to increase your chances of winnings, understand the game’s matching symbols and odds. That will help you to develop a strategy for winning them.

Have a stop-loss strategy

This aspect means you are ending your winless run. It is unworthy to continue losing your bet by continuing to play. Tell yourself, ‘maybe it is my unlucky day, let me come tomorrow and try my luck.’ Therefore you should stop playing that game.

Also, set your bet limits or the cash limit as a stop-loss system. Some games have advanced stop-loss technology, but they are rare to find. If you find one, do not hesitate to risk on that platform. You can even draw yourself a stop-loss margin.

Have a Stop-winning margin

Just like the stop-loss strategy, this aspect works the same. Remember, even your lucky day can turn sour at the end. That is where you can find yourself on a winning run, however, your unlucky time turns your wins into a massive loss. Therefore set a limit or a margin on your profit line.

You can use strategies like bets limits, wins limits, or deposits as the profit lines. Always get satisfied with small earnings. Consequently, more accumulation of small returns will fill your profits bucket.

Follow the storyline of the game

Some slot games are thematic in that you have to follow the storyline to play. Others even are a replica of a movie show. Some movies or shows like game of thrones, wheel of Fortune, and many others have casinos that follow their theme.

Additionally, other slot games like double diamonds, age of gods, dream city, and Cleopatra have a specific theme. Most of these game revolves around a story where you fight obstacles, and the jackpot or bonus is a treasure or a particular target to attain at the end. Thus, take the time to read the game’s description before playing. Consequently, you will adopt a playing strategy.

Stake big and win big

Typically, most slot games have symbols with different odds. Some casino sites require you to stake a higher deposit to have a large bet size.

Still, you use higher deposits when unlocking the bonus or free spins limits.

Consequently, if you wage much cash and utilize higher odds, you may end up with millions. That means, the more you bet, the more you increase your chances of winning. Therefore you have to stake maximally.

However, this type of game requires a risk-taker. That means you will lose more cash if you happen to miss the bet, which is stressful. You can play with less money and bet size where the possibility of winning is high. But, your earnings amount will become less.

Balance the right RTP and Volatility of the game

Some games will not tell you their RTP value or volatility. Therefore it is upon you to consult a veteran player who knows these values. RTP is the rate of return to a player. It is always converted into percentages. Hence, choose a game with an RTP of 95% to 99%. Higher RTP games possess a large possibility of winning and obtaining higher profits.

However, the issue is balancing the RTP games with their volatility. Volatility is the risk measure of a game. Some slots will give you the option to choose the volatility to play while others will not. The volatility levels include.

Higher volatility – rare, risky but big cash wins

Medium volatility – moderate wins, and medium value

Lower volatility – they have frequent but fewer cash winnings.

If you are a risk-taker then choose high volatile games with higher RTP. For risk-averse people, choose lower volatile games but maintain higher RTP.

Top Online Casinos In New Zealand

There are hundreds of online casinos available for players in New Zealand, but most of them are not to be trusted. Before you settle for an online casino in NZ, you need to check out their reviews from reputable websites such as BestNewZealandCasinos. The good thing is that these guys have done all the background checks on all the available online casinos and published their thorough findings on the site. Playing online casino games in New Zealand is a great way to make some money from an initial small investment, but the chances of being ripped off are high if the casino is: ● MGA does not license them. ● Has multiple negative reviews on reputable online casino review forums. ● Most casino experts do not recommend them. Reputable online casinos in New Zealand are supposed to be secured by TRUSTe, Norton, etc. They should be verified by eCOGRA, MGA among other certifiers. These certifications ensure that players get fair play and are not at risk of being defrauded. These top ten online casinos in New Zealand have been tested, and a majority of players and industry experts have left positive reviews about them.

1. JackpotCity Casino

In 2019, JackpotCity online casino in NZ won the casino of the year price, and it boasts a winning rating of 97.84%. After a player wins, they can receive their withdrawals in a day or two, unlike other shady casinos that keep wins for months. Your winnings can be transacted through secure channels like Visa, Skrill, Mastercard, Neteller, and many more. Upon signing you receive a signing bonus of NZ$1800 that you can play within an offering of 630 plus casino games. You could also test your skills in live dealer games such as Roulette and Blackjack. The total jackpot total at JackpotCity casino NZ is at $11 million. If you play your hands correctly, you could walk away with that figure after making a minimum deposit of $10. The casino has been around since 1998 with certification by eCOGRA and an MGA license. 

2. Spin Casino

This New Zealand online casino pays out an average of $5million to players who win daily. There is a NZ$2,000 waiting for new players who deposit the minimum required $10. Customer support is available on email, live chat, and phone call in case you want clarifications. Expect to receive your withdrawals within a day or two. Their high-quality games total to more than 700, and players have a win rating of 97.69%. New Zealand casino enthusiasts can sign up and make some mind-blowing rewards by putting their skills to work on Slots, live casino, blackjack, and Roulette.

3. BetAmo

To access the BetAmo casino, you need to be from an approved country; for example, New Zealand citizens in the US cannot access the platform. For those who can, you will enjoy the perks of being in a VIP club that is designated for the loyal players. Their win rate is 97.83% with an offering of more than 2,400 games from certified providers such as Evolution Gaming, NetEnt, SoftSwiss, etc. The initial reward might be low at NZ$300, but it’s easy to win in the long-term BetAmo tournaments such as the Drops & Wins where anyone can bag about €2 million. BetAmo is for anyone who is looking for more than a dozen opportunities to win cash and other rewards. Expect payout to take a day to five days.

4. LeoVegas

LeoVegas online casino in New Zealand is one of the most mobile-friendly, and their 24-hour customer support can be reached via phone and email. Since its inception in 2012, the casino has bagged more than 15 industry-related awards. In 2016 and 2017, they won the casino operator awards at the EGR Nordics. LeoVegas has a winning rating of 97.63%, and players can expect their withdrawals on the 3rd day. They also offer multiple game-based jackpots like the €6 million for Book of Atem WowPot! €2 million for Atlantean Treasures Mega Moolah and many more.

5. Europa

Europa online casino urges New Zealand players to play responsibly because their jackpot games, Gladiator, and Age of the Gods can be addictive. The jackpot total of these thrilling casino games is currently at $270,000 and growing by the minute. Their winning rate is 98.26%, and you should expect to receive withdrawn funds in two days. To start Europa New Zealand offers a bonus of NZ$2,400.

6. Ruby Fortune

With over 450 online casino games to choose from, New Zealand players who join Ruby Fortune only need to deposit $10 to receive a NZ$750 bonus and 70 times wagering. The winning rate stands at 97.31% as winners can expect to withdraw their fortunes in three days. At Ruby Fortune, anyone that fits the joining requirements can jump into Slots, Blackjack, Video Poker and much more including a live dealer. New Zealand players have a fair chance to walk away with the $222 million jackpot for playing Mega Moolah.

7. Dream Vegas

Dream Vegas online casino in New Zealand offers a signing bonus of NZ$750, and players have a fair chance of a 97.59%-win rate. Their maximum jackpot total is $17 million which can be won by playing the following online casino game categories: ● Blackjack. ● Live Dealer. ● Scratchcards. ● Slots. ● Financials. ● Roulette. Others include Keno, Baccarat, and Bingo which are playable on Android, PC, Mac, and iPad. The only problem is that at the moment you cannot reach customer support via phone, but they are available 24 hours a day on live chat and email.

8. Magic Red Casino

They have a welcome bonus of NZ$500, a win rate of 97.82%, and players can expect to receive their withdrawals in a day to three days. The max jackpot totals to $5.5 million and New Zealand players can chat with customer support 24 hours a day on email, live chat, and phone call. The casino is compatible with mobile devices, thus allowing players to access games in five languages which include: English, German, Finnish, Swedish, and Norwegian. Your interactions with the Magic Red Casino in NZ are safe because they are licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority and the UK Gambling Commission. However, the downside is that they don’t have progressive jackpot games, table games, and video poker. With time these popular games will be made available.

9. Royal Vegas

Their average payout is three days and players can expect a win rate of 97.44%. Royal Vegas is offering a progressive total jackpot of $11 million which grows by the second. Upon signing up, New Zealand players receive a NZ$1,200 bonus to spend in more than 700 online casino games carefully. The leading software they rely on is Microgaming, but having been around for a little over 20 years, Royal Vegas online casino is a great place for New Zealand players to spend their time at.

10. PlayZee

At PlayZee online casino in New Zealand, players can receive their withdrawals instantly or within three days. They offer a win rate of 96.85% and a welcome bonus of NZ$1500. The maximum jackpot stands at $13 million, and gamers can quickly grab this amount by playing on an iPhone or Android device. the player is a certified safe online casino where New Zealand players can test their skills on and be rewarded with high withdrawable wins. The casino boasts of 2,000 plus games, but new customers have complained of slow withdrawal times, an issue that regular visitors had no problem with.

In summary

The top online casinos in New Zealand listed above are safe, but players should avoid the following casinos like the plague; Cool Cat, Planet 7, and Grand Prive. If you find yourself interacting with these three casinos, then do so at your own risk. They all feature a rating of 2 out of 10 for defrauding unsuspecting players and engaging in unprofessional casino practices.

Top Security Measures in Online Casinos

In the contemporary world, gambling has gained huge popularity among millions of people across the globe. The changes in technology have become an essential part of people’s lives hence spending a lot of their time on online platforms. Just like in any other industry, security is a critical factor to focus on when it comes to online gambling. This is perhaps because the majority of the online casinos tend to store a vast amount of their data online and, at the same time provide a platform where people bet to win large amounts of money.

Following the large groups of online hackers, online gamblers need to uphold tough security measures to safeguard their data on the online casinos. People have bad intentions and are always ready to break into websites distorting site security.

People use various technologies like copiers, scanners and digital imaging systems to create pseudo accounts to forge documents and even their real identities. To counter all these challenges, there are numerous security measures put in place by online casinos to safeguard customer’s interests.

Below are the top security measures that you may consider to protect your data while gambling in online casinos.

1. Data Encryption

This involves changing data into other forms so that only those people who are permitted to have passwords can access them. Data encryption is one of the most vital methods used by many organizations to protect your personal and financial data. With this measure, only a few people have access to the restricted file hence limiting strangers and hawkers from accessing the information.

There are two main types of data encryption that online casinos use to protect your data;

Secure Socket Layer (SSL) -This software ensures that only those who encrypt the key can read and interpret the information given. It is most popular among banks to keep your money secure at online casinos. If you are looking for an amazing technology to keep your payment details hidden from unscrupulous people, then SSL is a great choice to consider.

End to end encryption -This is a very safe method to communicate privately online. It ensures that no third party can read your message, whether it is the hackers or even the government. Compared to other encryption services offered by many companies which only safeguards data on your gadget and the company’s website, end to end encryption provides security to data at both ends of the conversation.

End to end encryption uses more complicated codes that only your device can crack.

2. Web application firewalls

This is a common element when you are gambling using online casinos. It only allows profound emails between you and the online casino to be disseminated. In situations where negative comments are sent to the casino, the web application firewalls automatically disregard them.

Generally, this technology works by ensuring that your website is conserved against the risks of Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS). These DDoS increase unpleasant traffics on your site hence making it susceptible for hackers to steal some sensitive data and use them for their selfish advantage.

The DDoS impact online casinos negatively making most of them fail in the long run because it is clear that no player is willing to risk huge amounts of money through a website that is immensely affected.

3. Using https technology

In the recent past, online casinos have been averting the use of HTTP URL and have turned to use a format that is safer in curbing hackers from extorting client’s data. The https can easily authenticate your business if only it is registered under the specific laws. Most online casinos are lawfully registered hence giving you the courage to gamble because you are assured of security.

Another incredible benefit of using https technology is that it increases traffic on your website and also impedes any malicious information from being transmitted on your website. This improves the reputation of the online casinos and most clients will want to gamble on your company’s website.

4. Deposit restrictions

The first thing when you start placing bets on online casinos is that you need to create an account with them. The online casino will then automatically impose limitations on the amount of money you can withdraw and how much you can deposit to start gambling. This will help you gamble sensibly.

5. Many deposit options

Online casinos are now providing customers with many deposits options and not just one. In case one bank fails, then you are assured of others which can provide safe deals. You will also be required to make verification before you can perform any form of transactions. This is an ideal idea to ensure safe transactions to all the gamblers engaged in various casino games.

6. Third-party involvement

Well, disagreements are very normal in any type of business and online casinos are no different. Once in awhile, gamblers tend to disagree with the casino management and it would be advisable to involve a third party to resolve such conflicts. The third parties include expert operators who are trained to solving any form of disputes arising between the players and the casino to ensure stronger relationships in the casino gaming industry. the professionals will get to review all the transactions made and the cause of the disputes as well while providing a favourable solution to both parties.

7. Random Number Generation (RNG)

This technique involves playing cards in a spontaneous and fairly manner. The use of RNG online casinos gives a high probability of winning especially since the odds will be on their favour. Online casinos also apply their security measures in circumstances where players gamble unfairly. For instance, the use of bots will help in curbing this.

8. Security logo systems

A security logo is also a great strategy to ensure top security measures in the gaming sector. Making a website logo can only take a few minutes but it is indeed an ideal process to keep your information fully safeguarded while gambling on the online casinos. However, you need to ensure that you verify the security logo. You may get more details about the security logo on the company website page.

If you are a gambling fanatic, then the security of data should be your first and crucial priority. Since many online casinos have been exposed to the risk of cyber-bullying and data loss, several security measures have been put in place to ensure that both your data and that of the company are well protected. The above measures will help you!

How VR is Changing Online Casinos

More people are now heading towards virtual reality online casino games. Online casinos have become a popular choice for individuals to enjoy playing at casinos as well as take part in fun and exciting promotions. Although it is possible to find almost any type of online casino games, the virtual ones are becoming increasingly popular because they offer an amazing variety of casino games to choose from.

There are many types of virtual casino games, all of which make use of popular entertainment devices such as PCs and laptops. Players can also access these online casino games in an office setting through a headset and controller. Most virtual casinos are completely free of charge. However, most virtual casinos will give players various perks that can be availed as an add-on.

There are a variety of places that one can visit and take part in virtual casinos. They can go to several different websites and sign up to play online. These websites require the users to provide a valid email address and they can then login to their casino accounts. A certain amount of money is required to play on the site and the player must keep in mind that some virtual casinos will also require a certain level of deposit.

One of the many advantages of VR online casinos is that players can move around and discover in a completely interactive 3D world. Players choose their seats at the 3D game tables when engaging with the live dealer and communicating with other participants. Players may also rest at the casino bar for a cocktail, or relax in the lounge and chat with other players while experiencing the entertainment that the casino offers.

The terms and conditions of online casinos will differ depending on the site. Some sites only allow users to deposit a small amount to be able to play in their sites. Other sites do not require any level of deposit. Some sites will not let players withdraw money from their accounts until they have cleared their balance. Players can also choose to go to the website and play a virtual casino. Players can log into their virtual casino account and play games of cards and blackjack. They can also find casino games that cater to a specific genre such as slot machines and poker.

Players can also choose to view virtual reality online casino games on their smartphones or tablets. This allows players to see virtual scenery without actually being on the casino floor. It also allows players to watch others playing online at their favourite sites. To participate in virtual reality gambling, players must first download the required software onto their computers or smartphones. Some of the software needed includes the virtual screen viewer, the virtual position tracking software, and a set of goggles. The software is built to allow players to move around the virtual world and explore different areas and rooms. In this way, they can feel as if they are inside of the virtual world.

Players can then go through a tutorial that will explain how to navigate through the virtual world. They will be able to select a room to enter through a virtual door or room. The room’s design will depend on the slot, video poker, or other casino games that are being played. Players can choose to either browse or play through the virtual reality world. Players can either browse through the web by looking for different rooms and player profiles or they can play against the computer. Players can also choose to play at a specific casino level, a specific casino type, or can opt to play on a particular game type.

Players are also able to go through hands-down betting calculator or roulette, video poker, or slots review, blackjack, poker, roulette, or video poker demos. Players can choose to get a more thorough look at each casino game, which is much like entering a virtual environment. Players can also choose to select their level of interaction with the simulated casino. and choose how much they want to interact with the virtual casino’s real staff. There are different kinds of virtual reality online casino games that can be played. Those who love gambling and prefer to stick to their kind of casino will be able to find games of their favourites like slots, video poker, and blackjack. or others that cater to more interactive casino games like slot machines and other kinds of video games.

Virtual reality online casino games put the player in control of their virtual casino. They are fun and entertaining games that are easy to learn yet can be quite addictive. Some games have over 40 slot machines and a gaming room that is indistinguishable from the real world. They allow users to compete for real currency. There’s also 24/7 customer service to ensure sure players get the best out of their casino time.

Online Casinos New Technology’s Improving User Experience

Online gambling is changing in modern times. It is with the use of new features like VR, facial recognition with AI, and finding cheaters. It is available to use them at this time for better playing. You have VR which is virtual reality operations on it. This is the title for all virtual reality games now. The online casino is better when you play with it. This online experience adds ten times better playing time. Getting so much virtual gaming played lets you explore more of the game itself. With Facial Recognition, you can add a feature for safety. This will make your computer more secure for its operation. You can also rely on getting sensitive information from here more safely. This is what online casinos do now and are hoping to use more and more. The way that the player can access his gaming information will be more secure. The time comes when online gambling is being played but want verification. That is so not just anyone there can log in to it and steal winnings they have achieved.

In online gambling, the potential for security problems exist. Hackers can use cameras to get card combinations in relatively easy ways. The new security features they have are putting camera use on their side. Then they can monitor the behaviour of suspicious activity around players. The point is to get some direction on fixing the problem. Or else no solution may occur. They have good access and plenty of login information. Plus it is played by adults who must verify their identity. With artificial intelligence there using more technology for it. With new smartphone apps, they can have it here. This makes the job of online gambling easy. All they have to do is access the apps that have the AI on it. Then they can utilize its features with advanced technology. AI takes information from the user’s visits and stores them on a database. Then this can be used to enhance the players experience on the game.

If the player wants to be sure they get this it’s just downloading the specific apps. In addition to these new features, there are more advanced methods of payment. In online gambling, they use cashless methods of payment to get it done mostly. The players have a variety of cashless options to choose from for payment. This is with the use of debit cards, and credit cards in many cases. The players use them to receive the winnings. The new cryptocurrency methods are also getting used as well. This is done with BitCoin and it is a new form of it. To help customers play better they can go through online tutorials. These make, the gameplay easier for them. With the internet, they can use tutorials to get a better understanding. It can then be played on a different level than before. Just with a better way of knowing what the game is. Security is keeping the identity, and the valuable information safe.

As the player returns to the game, again and again, they need this form of security. Without it, they may feel alone, with no use of technology to help retrieve their winnings. With Facial recognition, they can be more sure it is only them to gain access. The use of it is being put to the use in these games. The online gambling business takes identity and showing it very serious. This is so people get what they came for from the start. As far as online slot machines are concerned they will also be using new technologies. They include the use of VR in slot machine play. This will give them more excitement and modern fun to it. It isn’t already being done but the plans for it are being developed. Users will then be able to play slots using VR to get a better experience. It may be the most fun they get with slots in advanced features.

The problem with bonus fraud is another thing to avoid. This happens as players begin playing and are offered a bonus. If they get a ten per cent offer than it works this way. They can deposit two thousand dollars, and as they receive it the amount is two hundred. The way they achieve fraud is by going there multiple times to get the bonus. Many games are made with limits on how much they can go there. For example, many of them require a certain amount of bets to be made first. Then they have that required bet amount to achieve before doing the bonus again. Online gambling is adapting to new technology, and AI is becoming apart of it. There are many games such as poker and roulette that are getting more advanced. Every day they put the game on their security will be better. The use of facial recognition gets more good at current times. It is a good time to play it as the game is more evolved. Better graphics and virtual reality make it more sophisticated. Time moves forward and, people are getting more out of it.

The 3 Best Online Casino Pokies in New Zealand

Top 3 Online Pokies

We have previously covered the top 5 software developers in the online casino. The response to that article was fantastic and we felt that our subscribers would also enjoy learning about the top 3 online pokies in New Zealand.

What to look for in a pokies machine

Gone are the days of sitting in the corner of a bar and shaking the hand of the one armed bandit all night. The majority of New Zealanders now prefer to play video slots which are fully digital and offer exciting feature bonus, additional reels and up to 243 pay-lines. This progressing has seen a rise in people enjoying online pokies which allow them to access pokies from any location with a decent internet connection.

When looking for our top 3 online pokies we decided to consider 3 primary factors. We will look at the styling and visual appeal of the game, the bonus features available and the RTP (return to player). These 3 factors are the primary differentiators between a bang average pokie machine and one that you could play for hours.

3 – Starburst

Starburst Online Pokie
Starburst is an online pokie developed by NetEnt. Starburst changed the online casino industry when it was released back in 2012. It is a 5 reel, 3 row video slot that pays from right to left and left to right. The game can be a little confusing paying in both directions but it also adds to fun and increases your chances of winning.

Starbust is considered a a high frequency, low volatility pokie. This means that it will pay out more frequently than most slots but the winning amounts are not as large as you would see on other pokies like Mega Moolah.

The pokie also claims a RTP of 96% which is excellent value for players looking to enjoy a long run at the casino without committing too much money upfront. It is also one of the reasons that Starburst is the most popular pokie for online casino free spins.

Starburst is packed with a number of exciting features like the “pay both ways” feature discussed earlier and an expanding Starburst Wild symbol that is accompanied by flashing lights and arcade style audio.

The theme of the game is one of high space adventure as you cruise through space with bursts of gems and frequent wins. The overall visual experience is mesmerising which is why it has made it into 3rd place on our list of the best 3 online pokies in New Zealand.

Promotional Video of Starburst

Starburst’s Scores

Visuals 90%
Features 82%
RTP 96%
Overall 89%

2 – Dazzle Me Slot

Dazzle Me Slot
The Dazzle Me pokie comes in at a respectable 2nd place in our list of the top 3 pokies in New Zealand. Dazzle Me is also build by the team over at NetEnt and was deployed in 2015. Dazzle Me is a similar to Starburst in the fact that many of the symbols resemble those in Starburst but that is where the similarity ends.

The visuals on Dazzle Me are fun and playful. The light hearted bright colours are a refreshing change from many of the serious online pokies you will see at other casinos. The reel animation is so refreshing with the unique interface that NetEnt have designed.

Dazzle Me offers 5 unique reels with varying rows and some very unique pokie machine features. The pokie contains exciting bonus features like Dazzling Wild Reels, Free Spins and Linked Reels. The most unique feature of this slot is that the number of rows available across the slots change with the first two reels containing 3 rows, the next two containing 4 rows and the final reel holding 5 rows. This bespoke slot layout allows for some really interesting pay-lines with 76 bet lines available.

Dazzle Me offers players a massive 96.9% payout which leads the list in terms of RTP value. We have never seen a pokie with a better RTP before. It is similar to Starburst in terms of volatility offering a low volatility with smaller more frequent wins.

Dazzle Me offers a great alternative to Starburst for casual pokie players looking for value and prolonged playing sessions. This has also resulted in many casinos in New Zeland offering free spins on Dazzle Me for players that are looking for a change from Starburst.

Promotional Video of Dazzle Me

Dazzle Me Scores

Visuals 81%
Features 88%
RTP 96.9%
Overall 91%

3 – Vikings Video Slot

Vikings Online Pokie
The Vikings video slot is another online pokie brought to us by the creators over at NetEnt. This slot is based on the popular Vikings TV series. This game was only released in 2018 which means it offers extremely high quality graphics and audio that transport you from your life in New Zealand back to early medieval Scandinavia with the legendary Viking chieftain Ragnar Lothbrok.

Vikings has an amazing RTP of 96.05% with a high volatility, a bit like Ragnor himself. This means that the pokie won’t payout as often as Starburst but allows you to experience much bigger wins. The fact that you don’t win as frequently but win higher amounts builds anticipation with big wins releasing that adrenaline rush we crave.

This pokie is packed with features like Shield Wall, Hotspot, and Raid Spins mode which features free spins and 3 hotspots. Raid Spins mode also boosts the slot morphing it from a 5 reel, 3 row pokie to a massive 7 reel, 5 row pokie with an incredible 78 125 ways to win.

The Vikings video pokie is a truly modern online pokie packed with features, an excellent RTP and probably the most intense visual and audio experience we have ever experienced in any pokie be it online or offline. Taking all these factors into account, Vikings is easily the best online pokie available in New Zealand.

Promotional Video of Vikings

Vikings Slot Scores

Visuals 99%
Features 90%
RTP 96.05%
Overall 95%

Where to play the Vikings Video Slot

You can play the demo version on this game on the official NetEnt website – Click here to play demo of Vikings for free.

Final Thoughts

These are the best 3 online pokies in New Zealand in our opinion. Do you agree with our choices? Have we left out a pokie you believe should be on this list? Maybe you want to know why no Microgaming Pokie managed to make the list. If you want answers to these or any other questions, leave a comment on the article and we will try answer any questions you many have.